Friday, December 10, 2010

Old Ornaments...

I was digging through some stuff in storage and I came across a box of my old Christmas ornaments that I used to hang in my tree when I was little. Some of them are pretty special and some of them explain a little about who I was as a kid. For instance, I used to LOVE the Chicago Bulls. LOVED them! And for those of you who know me now know that I am not a sports fan - don't watch them at all. So the fact that I LOVED the bulls makes me kinda laugh. The other ornament that sort of defines me as a kid is the string instrument ornament. I played the viola for 8 years. At one point my little tree that I put up in my room was filled with string instrument ornaments. You will also see homemade ornaments some by me and some from others. My Grandma B. used to make these big stuffed bows and then decorate them in some way. They were ornaments and she would put them on top of our packages.
It was fun running into these ornaments. Although they don't make it on my tree anymore, they still hold a special place in my heart. :-)

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