Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary Eve

It's almost our anniversary and I thought I would share with you the story of one of my favorite ornaments. This is one of the oldest ornaments "we" as a couple own. On November 6, 1999 Matthew asked me to marry him. I was really sick that day Matthew had a big day planned for us. It was a Saturday, I laid in bed most of the day, Matt came to my house and watched TV with me, we were supposed to go to Silver Dollar City that night to see the Christmas lights. I told him that I didn't think I could go because I was SICK. Little did I know he had a whole evening planned and I was about to ruin it. Even my mom was like, "I think you'll be okay to go, just get some rest so you can go tonight." I thought that was a little strange that she was pushing so hard for me to go to Silver Dollar City if I wasn't feeling good. Now I realize that everybody knew the plan but me. So, we went. We walked around looking at all the lights, listening to all of the music. Silver Dollar City has the cutest little chapel and at Christmas time you can go in and sing Christmas carols. We went in but there was no one inside, just us. We sat on the front bench looking at the lights out of the big windows in the front of the chapel. Matt was a little fidgety, kept looking behind us then leaned over and said, "I have a question..." I looked at him in a matter-of-fact way to hear what the question was and he got down on one knee.

We finished our visit to Silver Dollar City that night with me sporting a new piece of jewlery and we stopped to buy a little something to remember the night. I love this ornament. I love that it is the place that Matthew proposed and at the time we purchased it, it made me feel so happy to see "The Murray's"...that was going to be us! I was getting married!
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  1. I've never heard this story, Sarah, and it's absolutely precious. Hope your next decade as a family is full of even more blessings!