Friday, December 3, 2010

Every tree has a story...

Matt and I aren't ones to put a tree up in everyroom or do a TON of Christmas decorating...until this year. :-) We have our main tree in our living room, one in Jeremiah's room now that he is old enough to want one, so of course we had to put one in Ava's room, and now the basement. Check out our pretty trees!

Matt has been working so hard to finish the basement and while there is still some things to be done, it's definitely liveable. We have really been enjoying some family time in the new space that we HAD to put a tree up to enjoy! This tree was purchased probably 3 or 4 years ago on a Black Friday Special and has been sitting in storage since. This tree makes me realize that I LOVE prelit trees. We decorated this tree with glitter pipe cleaners. We just made curly Qs and stuck them at the end of the branches. You will also find our hand-painted ornaments on this tree!

This is Miss Ava's tree. Last year my "burley, manly-man" dad picked up a pretty, sparkly, pink tree for my neice, Miss Zeda. So grandma and grandpa thought it was appropriate that Miss Ava have a matching "girly" tree. I stuck a big silver bow on top with some pink baby blown glass ornaments that I purchased 90% off after last Christmas. As she gets older, her tree will quickly fill with ornaments that suite her just fine!

This is Jeremiah's tree. This small little tree acutally used to be the tree that I had in my room when I was a kid. I still have it and was so excited to put it in Jey's room. Last year was the first year we put a tree in his room and this year he definitely remembered! After Christmas last year I found some "Cars" ornaments and decorative lights to stick on his tree so he was super excited about those. You can also see several ornaments that he has made, which make this tree extra special. The other thing I love about this tree is that he decorated it...and you can tell. :-)

Lastly, is the tree that can be found in our living room. This is our main tree and until last year was the ONLY tree we put up in our home. A special thing about this tree is that it was one of the many Christmas trees used in our wedding. We bought this tree at an after-Christmas-sale the year before we got married because we knew we were going to have a Christmas wedding. I was really sick that year but my dad took me to get this tree because he knew I wanted to buy a "cheap" tree so bad for my wedding. The look of this tree has changed a little - it used to be blue and silver (which were the colors of my wedding). I love this tree and I love the reason that I even own this tree in the first place.

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