Monday, July 26, 2010

Yet Another (almost) Free Weekend

Now this challenge is just getting fun. In attempt to save some money this summer we have been looking for fun, free entertainment around Springfield. This little project has been fun and the activities that we have found are way more fun than anything else we could be doing that would cost a lot of money! Plus, hangin' with my family has been, well, FUN! Here is what we did this weekend...

Friday: Took Jey to the library where we spent 2 HOURS (!) playing on the computer, playing with the toys and reading books. He also got his "Flip Card" for participating in the summer reading program. If you haven't gotten this card yet for the kiddos there is still time! Your kids will get a ton of free stuff with this card!
On Friday Night we attended the VBS Family Night at our church where we had a potluck dinner and a children's program - very entertaining!!!

Saturday: Matt took Jey to the zoo for a "Feast with the Beast" pancake breakfast. This was not free but entrance into the zoo was with our "FOZ" card. Last year for Christmas and Birthday presents we asked for memberships/season passes for various things around town such as the zoo. These make the best gifts because we DO use them a lot and it provides a lot of free entertainment throughout the year!
Saturday Night we decided to work through some of the things on the Flip Card we got from the Library. We were able to get a free kid's meal at Chic-Fil-A for Jey and I had a coupon for a free Chic-Fil-A Sandwich so all we had to do is buy Matt's dinner! :-) After dinner we headed to Silver Springs Pool. Jey's admission was free using his Flip Card, Matt and I donated a canned good for free admission. We had never been to this pool and it was really neat! The pool was slopped and shallow; there were a few water fountains planted in the pool that kids could run through; and it had a huge water play structure that kids could play on, squirt water everywhere and dump buckets of water on any one's head that was standing nearby. Jeremiah LOVED it!

Sunday: After church and lunch and a nap, we headed to my parent's for a swim. I also received a free pedicure and massage - you too could get this free if you have a mom like mine! Thanks mom!

What will be in store for next weekend? Let me know some of your ideas for free entertainment!
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  1. Not cool, dear! All those pictures I took of YOU and Jey but you chose this one! That's it, I'm starting my own blog so I can post pictures of you.

  2. ...That said... we DID have lots of fun this weekend, thank you. You forgot to mention that at Chik-fil-a we got a coupon for a free meal because our food took too long and I'm sure you bought the canned goods we used at the pool with coupons too, so that makes things even closer to free. :)

  3. I have an idea!! Say hi to your friend Laura! In person!!!!! And rub my baby belly!! Just a thought!....