Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome New Blogger!

I must say that jumping the Blogging Bandwagon has been super fun! My original goal was to post daily but with a new baby it's been more like every two or three days. :-) I'll get better, I promise. :-)
Since starting this blog many of my friends have mentioned that they too would like to enter the blog world. I would like to share some of these with you so hopefully this is one of many "Welcome New Blogger" posts - hint, hint to those of you who said you wanted to start a blog. ;-)

My friend Amy has started a blog "The Heavy Metal Hippy" and will be featuring some of her super creative recipes. Amy has a huge garden and cooks many different things from the food that she personally grows. Her facebook statuses of what she is cooking up are inspiring so I can't wait until she posts some of these recipes in her blog. I love her creativity and I know you will too!

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