Friday, July 9, 2010

Fiber is your Friend!

For those of you who know ANY thing about me, you know that I LOVE FIBER!!! Fiber can do amazing things for the body.... and not so amazing things to the body if you aren't used to eating it often. :-) What are some of the benefits of fiber, you ask? can help lower your cholesterol, control your blood sugar, keep your colon healthy, and manage or reduce your weight! Thanks to my fiber-lovin'-friend, Amber, I have found a new breakfast favorite! This new, Fiber Plus Cereal, is packed full of fiber and tastes super yummy! In one cup, which is 170 calories, you get 10 - that's right - TEN grams of fiber. Of this fiber, 4 grams of it is soluble (this is the stuff that lowers your cholesterol) and 6 grams of it is insoluble (this is what bulks the feces and makes know). The best part of this cereal, other than the fiber, is that it is very tasty!!! Throw a handful of blueberries on it for a little extra benefit and you are good to go!

Oh, one more thing, notice on the box of cereal that you can submit a mail-in rebate and try this delicious cereal for free!

***Disclaimer: 1) If you are not used to eating a lot of fiber - you must ease into it. Fiber can cause A LOT of GI distress if you increase the amount you eat too quickly AND if you don't drink enough fluid while increasing the fiber. And 2) I don't work for Kellogg's - I just really love fiber. :-)
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  1. I must not be used to it...I tried their fiber bars (just one in the morning for breakfast for a few days) and each day that I took one, I was jet-propelled all day. Never

  2. You amuse me! Really, I've always wanted to try one of those fiber fabulous cereals, but I've been too afraid that it would taste like what it "bulks" up to spend the $4. I'll have to try this one, now, though! I love the Oats and Chocolate Fiber One bars--I lived on them all through my pregnancy, thanks to those pesky iron-rich Flinstones vitamines!

  3. I seriously loved that you said "good to go."

  4. You are all hillarious! Melody: No pun intended but it's still funny! :-)