Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why Go to the Farmer's Market When the Farmer's Market Coms to You?

Who needs to go to the Farmer's Market when you have a friend who loves to share the fruits (or veggies) of her labor! You too, can find some of Amy Shelburn's produce at Homegrown Foods on the corner of Cherry and Pickwick. It is sort of like a flea market for area farmer's to bring their produce and they sell it for them. Amy was nice enough to bring me two huge bags of veggies pictured above - and this isn't even all of it - there is more in my fridge and my tummy! :-)
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  1. Oh man Im going to have to find this place are they open everyday??

  2. They're closed Sunday and Monday. Amanda is so wonderful and thoughtful. I'm so happy she opened her lil store! She's not only helping out the area farmers, but the whole city as well! Springfield truly needed an outlet to get back to our farming heritage. I grow way too much, and I always want to buy something when I'm in there. Haha

    My mom took more stuff yesterday and she discovered that a dairy farmer from fordland brings his fresh cow milk 3 days per week. Now she doesn't have to drive all over everywhere to buy the milk for her cheese that she makes. Double yea!! :-D