Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth, Fireworks, and Family

What a fun weekend! The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays - it's so relaxing and carefree. This year, Jeremiah made it super fun! He was so excited about every tiny, little firework and would just laugh, clap his hands, and get so excited at every "POP". I loved it! For our 4th festivities this year we took an overnight trip to my parent's "Branson House" where we stayed with the kids, my parents, my sister and her family, and my Grandma B. Above is a picture of my babies from this fun weekend, which by the way, is the FIRST time Jeremiah held Ava! He even looks a little happy! :-)

When we were kids, the 4th of July was spent in the culdisac where we lived and with our great family friends/neighbors, The Horsey's. Our 4th of July tradition for the past several years have consisted of going to Branson to eat and then watch a firework display but has ended up with us just chasing firework displays. For the past few years we've TRIED this and now it's just comical. The first year we tried this the plan was to meet up with our family friends, The Horsey's, and go to the Chateau for a BBQ and fireworks. We get there to find that the BBQ was actually held on the 3rd and we missed the whole thing....ooops. The next year we tried the Chateau again but there was a severe thunderstorm and we watched the fireworks in our car with a wonderful lightening display in the backdrop (this was Jey's first 4th of July and we have pictures of him with his little American Flag shirt sitting in our backseat - ahh, memories). The next year Matt and I took Jey to Branson and headed to Big Cedar for their fireworks which didn't go off until well after 10:00pm - try that with an 18 month old! :-( Last year...well...no Branson; but we did spend it with the Horsey's at Cathy's brother's home that backs up to the James River "I Love America" firework display and it was SO fun! Which brings me to 2010... last weekend the College of the Ozarks in Branson was putting on an "old fashion picnic" ending with a firework display (the weekend before the 4th) and had planned to go with my parents and Becca & Jarrod. We packed our picnic, our lawn chairs, and headed to Branson to find that the whole area was in a severe thunderstorm warning. It rained, it poured, it thundered, it lightening, and we DID NOT go to the picnic; a very familiar Independence Day celebration in Branson. :-)

The actual weekend of July 4, 2010 was great! Spending the weekend with my family in Branson was so fun and relaxing. Sunday we spent the 4th with the Horsey's at Cathy's brother's house again to watch the "I Love America" fireworks (Thanks again, Cathy, for the invite!). And My Matthew had Monday off, which we spent relaxing at home. I'll say it again... What a fun weekend! I love our traditions, they make me smile. :-) What are some of your favorite traditions?
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