Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A free weekend...almost.

One of the things that I love about living in Springfield is that there are a lot of neat things that happen in the city and a lot of free things to do! Because I took the summer off to be with the kiddos we are having to find CHEAP entertainment and it has been a TON of fun. I will keep posting on our cheap/free weekends so that perhaps you too can take advantage of some of these things.

Friday night we took advantage of the free family movies at Founder's Park in downtown Springfield. Every Friday and Saturday night in July and August a family friendly movie plays at dusk. Just take your snacks and a blanket/lawn chair to enjoy the movie. To make this movie free you need to stop by Doling Family Center or Chesterfield Family Center to pick up the free tickets. Otherwise it's $5 at the gate. You can get a complete list of movies by calling the park board or they are listed in the Springfield News-Leader. Our movie was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". We grabbed some Andy's Frozen Custard and headed to the movies (that is why our weekend wasn't totally free - we bought custard!).

Our Saturday started off as it always does with Matthew's Famous Blueberry Pancakes. My dad invited us to Ozark Coca-cola's 90th anniversary celebration where we had the opportunity to tour the bottling plant. It was pretty cool seeing fresh Dr. Pepper being packaged. They even gave us a Dr. Pepper right off the bottling line - it doesn't even have a label yet! Jeremiah of course loved the opportunity to take a sip of soda! On the tour they gave each of us some Coke/Dr. Pepper souvenirs and served us a picnic lunch complete with burgers and ice cream sandwiches. Oh, and did I mention it was free? :-)

Saturday night we enjoyed a Round-Up Campfire at church with games for the kids and a cookout - it was of course, free! Pictures will be posted soon!
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  1. I'm taking Zuben out on a boat Friday, with family, and if he's up for it, we'll be going to the Founders Park to see Planet 51. Maybe I'll steal your idea about taking Andy's with us. :-)

    Do you have the summer flip card from the library? We have been going all over town doing and getting free things too. When did Spfd get so fun?