Friday, August 5, 2011

Cross Stitch it on a Pillow, Vol. 1

Do you ever come across a phrase, sentence, Bible verse, words of wisdom, or simply words of advice from a friend and you want to remember it forever? I come across these types of words a lot; many of which I have written down, stuck on a post-it, written in a notepad, kept it in my mind, ect. I certainly cannot, nor would not, cross stitch them all on a pillow. In my attempt to "journal" (which happens to be on my New Year's list), I thought I would use this Blogspot to keep a collection of those "words" that I want to remember. Keep in mind that these posts are for me personally, but perhaps you will find encouragement in them as well. :-)

"Don't waste time trying to get rid of your weakness, using it as an
excuse, or explaining it away. Let's follow the lead of [the Apostle] Paul
and boast in our weakness so that the power of Christ may be reflected in it and
through it."

Anyone else feeling particularly thankful for their weaknesses these
days? I know I am not and usually am feeling embarrassed by them or
inadequate because of them. I guess there is just one thing left to do...
embrace them and fully rely on God for getting ANYTHING accomplished.

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