Friday, July 22, 2011

Because this is what we do on The Fourth

Sorry for the fuzzy picture but I had to post it. Some of my favorite childhood memories come from our culd-e-sac Fourth of July parties. From these super fun family parties, I claim The 4th of July as my favorite holiday. Since my parents moved from the house I grew up on at the bottom of the Pickwick culd-e-sac, we have been seeking other adventures to celebrate the 4th. My family, along with our Pickwick neighbors, have been hitting Branson for the big firework shows. It has sort of been a running joke with us because every year it is a flop! You would think this would ruin our 4th of July - absolutely not! We are all pretty easy to please so we laugh our way through it. At this's hard not to laugh! The first year we decided to do the fireworks and BBQ at the Chateau in Branson, we arrive already to celebrate to find that the celebration was really the night before and we didn't show up for our reservation. The next year we tried the Chateau again but had to sit in the car due to the heavy down pour of rain. One year we drove around looking for a firework show with no luck. This year, the kids were all dressed in their cute little 4th of July outfits for a picture, and this is the best I could do. We decided to watch the fireworks at the Chateau...again...but on our way there it started lightening very badly. By the time we got there, everyone was parking along side of the road near the Chateau so we followed suit. The winds blew at about 30 miles per hour, it was lightening, but we were NOT going to miss those fireworks! Then came the rain. We all ran to our cars and watched the fireworks/lightening show through the windsheild of our car...again. Ha! Gotta love it! What will Branson have in store for us next year?
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