Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good-bye Summer, Hello School Year

My mom always told me that the real world didn't have summer vacation, spring break, 3 weeks off at Christmas, ect...but as it turns out, my real world does! And I am ever so greatful. I've had a fantastic summer with my kids; full of trips to White Water, swimming, Discover Center, movies, "Hot Donalds" as Jey calls McDonalds, among other fun things. This week is the first week of school so it's back to work for me but looking forward to cooler weather and fun fall activities with my kiddos! Here are some of our summer highlights!

Ava checks out the fireworks that Bubba picked out.

Daddy and Ava at the Duck Creek family picnic.

A fun family weekend in Branson for the Fourth of July!

Annual picnic at Paul Sloan's farm

This is the first year Jey is big enough to ride a "big boy" roller coaster. This is a picture of Jey and daddy riding Thunderation at Silver Dollar City.

A much needed summer rain...so of course we had to dance in it!

What would summer be without a trip to the Ozark Empire Fair?

Ava's first time doing the Duck Pond at the Fair.

The record breaking heat this summer called for a new slip-n-slide.

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