Friday, August 12, 2011

Cross Stitch it on a Pillow, Vol. 2


Kill em' with Kindness, Baby!

I have used this phrase so many times in my life in different situations. It's a phrase that my dad said to me one time when dealing with a less-than-pleasant teacher in high school. It's not that this teacher was mean to me, personally, just a little difficult to deal with and therefore very intimidating. I told my dad about my nervousness in approaching the teacher to ask for help and this is the advice he gave me. He said, "if you are nice and they are not then you really can't do anything else to help the situation and it's their problem." I remember that conversation and the light bulb that turned on in my mind. Ever since then, I've used this motto and it's amazing how a little kindness will go a LOOOOOONG way! Thanks, dad!

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