Monday, June 27, 2011

Game Day for Dad

This year for Father's Day we went with a "Game" theme...sort of by accident. But it was fun! Matt and I are addicted to this game called Settlers of Catan - now for those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE games but not this kind of game. But for some reason, I am addicted to this highly strategic game - maybe it's the time with my honey that I love about it. :-) I came up with the idea to create the game board out of cupcakes with a few decorations. It took Matt a minute but he got it and loved it. Once we put the kids to bed we of course had to play a game of Catan while eating our Catancakes. I don't care if it is Father's Day...I didn't let him win.

Sticking with the Game theme, Jeremiah got his Daddy the new Zelda game for his 3DS and I got him a new Catan Dice game...lots of "playin'" around at our house! Ava and Grandma K worked up a little something special for Daddy for Father's Day - I'll post on that a little later. Happy Father's Day, Matthew! Hope you enjoyed it!

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