Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daddy Dress

Miss Ava and Grandma K had their own plans for daddy for Father's Day. My sister clued me in on these "Daddy Dresses" long before I even had a little girl. I instantlly fell in love with the idea and knew I had to do this if I ever had a little girl of my own. A Daddy Dress is a dress that is made from a man's button-up shirt. With a closet full of button-up shirts and a super creative mother-in-law like mine I knew this would be easy to accomplish. There are a few different patterns you can do with these dresses but this is the one we chose. My sister, Becca, was so kind to snap a few shots for us to give to Matt on Father's Day.

That is right! Matt no longer has a green shirt, but Ava has a new green dress! ;-)

Not a great shot of the dress but just couldn't resist those little baby hands.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! ~Love, Ava

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  1. That is so precious -- love the idea & Ava is adorable.