Monday, November 8, 2010

I appreciate the 1 hour but could use 10.

I love gaining that extra hour every fall. I would love to gain 10 extra hours in a day but once I had those I would fill them so fast and then quickly be requesting 10 more.
Do you ever get jealous of those people who seem to have everything in order, with a spotless house, and really fun hobbies? Well I do! There are so many things I want to do and so many things I have to do. I used to think of myself as a pretty efficient person but over the past couple of years I feel as though that attribute is declining. So for those of you who are super efficient or see where I might be going wrong, feel free to chime in! Below is a list of things I HAVE to do and another list of things I WANT to do. How can I make it all fit?
Things I HAVE to do (I do want to start by saying I love most things on this list. I am certainly not complaining about any of them. It's just a fact that these are things I HAVE to do.):
1. Work. I teach full time even though I'm not on campus every day, all day I still do a lot of prep, a lot of grading and a lot of email answering.
2. Tidy my house. There is a huge difference between a tidy house and a clean house. If I can just keep it picked up, we're doing good.
3. "Life". This includes paying bills, laundry, making dinner, getting kids to where they need to go, ect. You know all that adult stuff you didn't know about as a kid.
4. Be a mom. While I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this job, it's a lot of work!
5. Be a wife. Again, LOVE this role but at some point life will die down and kids will move out and then you are left alone with your spouse again. Therefore, constantly "working" to keep your marriage stay strong takes time. Time well spent.

Things I WANT to do (in no particular order):
1. Play with my kids.
2. Go on vacation with my family.
3. Watch movies with my husband.
4. Try new recipes and cook (I mean, really, creatively cook) most days.
5. Decorate my basement.
6. Organize my cabinets.
7. Make a digital scrapbook.
8. Learn to make hair bows.
9. Read a book (my reading list is getting longer and longer but I can't tell you the last time I read a BOOK.)
10. Lift weights.
11. Practice my new canning skills.
12. More in-depth DAILY Bible study.
13. Volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center.
14. Participate in a summer Diabetes Camp.

The list could go on and on but I'll stop there for now. :-)

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