Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

One of the things I remember and loved most about my childhood was the traditions that my family had for EVERY holiday. My mom had decorations for every holiday and once my sister and I were old enough to help with the decorating we did! My favorite holiday to decorate for was Halloween. I LOVED my mom's Halloween decorations. Within the past few years my mom has "weeded out" her holiday decorations because let's face it, they are OLD and perhaps not the trendiest of decorations. These decorations that I'm talking about are those little painted ceramics from various craft shows that were held in Southwest Missouri during the ' know what I'm talking about. :-)
Anyway, this haunted house along with these lovely ghosts and witches didn't make the cut in the last holiday decoration clean-out. So like a good mom, she gave my sister and I the option of taking what we wanted. Now, while I don't go all out with my Halloween decorating I just had to have these things because I loved them so much as a kid. My sister and I would fight over who's turn it was to set-up the Halloween characters around the Haunted House and of course when it was Becca's turn I would rearrange it when she wasn't looking. Sorry, sister. :-)
Now, I have these Halloween things out on my fire place hearth for my kiddos to play with. But I can't lie, when they're done, I still arrange them the way I want. :-)


  1. I love it! Halloween has never been a big deal for us, but now that Caden is here, we are eager to establish traditions. We even found ourselves planning a Halloween bash for his friends yesterday!