Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just a couple of my favorite things....

That's right, Jeremiah and Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt are just a couple things on my long list of things I love. If you have not been to Orange Leaf you are missing out! It's located on Republic and Fremont in Springfield or on The Landing in Branson. This froyo is unlike any other frozen treat - it actually taste like yogurt! They have a variety of flavors that they switch out often and a variety of very unique toppings - including Cap'n Crunch cereal! How cool is that!?! Another very cool feature is the fact that you pay by the ounce. So if you don't want to spend a lot - control your portions! You are paying just for what you want to eat, unlike other ice cream shops that charge a big price for a big portion that you may not be able to (or should not) finish. :-)

Jeremiah's favorite combination has been banana and peanut butter froyo with of course mismatched toppings such as cherries, sprinkles and gummy worms.

Matt usually gets the white chocolate paired with cookies and cream or cake batter froyo with an array of crushed cookies as a topping.

As for me, well, I get something different every time but I would have to say the coconut and pomegranate froyo with moci balls (Japanese rice) or the coffee froyo with raisinettes have been my fav!

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