Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another punch to prove how disloyal I am.

If you don't have a disloyalty card yet from 417coffee then you really should find one...quick! On this card you will find 8 participating area coffee shops who claim they have the best coffee. In fact they are SO confident that they are encouraging you to go to their competitors just to prove that they are that good and you will come back for more; thus, proving where your loyalties really are. How it works - obtain a disloyalty card at any of the participating coffee shops, grab a cup of coffee at each of the 8 places and have them punch your card, once your card is full, take it back to your favorite of the participating shops for a free cup of coffee and an entry into a drawing for cool coffee prizes. For more info go to 417coffee.com. I only need two more punches. I DEFINITELY have a favorite but don't want to persuade anyone nor make a judgement before visiting all locations. :-) I'll reveal my fav later! Let me know your favorite place to get a cup of joe!

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