Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

"Couple's" Holidays, such as Valentine's Day, take on a whole new meaning when you have kids...and when it falls on a Monday. So I planned a fun family dinner for four to make for a Valentine's Night at home. Then, to my most pleasant surprise, my mom and dad asked to take all the grandkids out for dinner on Valentine's Day and give mommy & daddy a chance to go on a date! Thank you, Mom! So my fun family dinner was put on hold for a couple of days - no problem. But then came the flu of the century and knocked me flat on my rear end for 8, yes 8, days! So my super fun family Valentine's dinner for four didn't happen until this past Saturday. :-). Oh well, we still had fun! Spaghetti and Meatballs are romantic, right? But they're RED so we served it!
Garlic Bread on JalapeƱo Cheddar bagels, green beans, and red hot applesauce. Every year for Valentine's my mom would make us red hot applesauce so I've just carried the tradition. What is a fun Valentine's Dinner without dessert? Our tradition is "Leftover Conversation Heart Cake". My son loves making this with me because he gets to smash the heart candies with the meat mallet - FUN! And noisy. This recipe comes from a newspaper clipping that my good friend, Melody Sanders sent to me when I lived in Illinois...it's been a tradition ever since! My sister at Social Graces also features the recipe here: www.eventsbysocialgraces.com.

Enjoy! And Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

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