Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions just isn't quite the right word...

I'm not huge on making New Year's Resolutions, I feel like I talk about them the first week of the year and then forget about it by February. However, there are definitely things I would like to accomplish in 2011. Real, tangible goals. So, I'm calling my list New Year's Goals. I've given them this title because they are mainly things I want to do not necessarily habits that are bad or things I need to resolute (is that even a proper usage of the word?). Although I'm sure my family wishes I made Resolutions to change some of my habits. :-)
As I started to make my list I took an idea that my sister had, which she describes in her blog at, about a list of 28 things to accomplish before her 28th birthday on November 28. So, I made a "30 for 30" list, one goal for each year of my life! Thanks for the idea, sis! I won't be sharing everything on the list with the world. Let's face it, some of the items aren't that interesting and quite frankly some of them no one needs to know about. :-). I will keep you posted on my progress and perhaps share some of my fun adventures throughout the year. Lastly, this may seem a little over the top, but to make sure I stay focused on my New Year's Goals, I wrote myself a friendly little reminder in my calendar in the first day of each month in 2011. Sounds a bit crazy but what's the point in making goals or resolutions if you don't keep track of them and work towards accomplishment?

Happy New Year's, everyone!

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