Friday, February 25, 2011

Is that for me!?!

It's almost my birthday! Lots of random boxes keep coming to our house addressed to my husband, which he then tells me are "Hands Off"! :-). I'm getting excited!

Just so everyone knows, I don't have to have gifts to feel loved but my husband is a great gift giver, which is always fun!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's not do that again...EVER!

I have rejoined the land of the living after SEVERAL days! I had the flu for the first time ever and it was NO fun! When momma is down it seems like the whole house goes on vacation so I've got a lot of catching up to do with work and house chores. I'll be back to blogging soon!
However,my husband has done a super job taking care of things! I am just praying no one else that I live with gets sick! Hope this blogpost finds you well too!

Monday, February 14, 2011

In The Spirit of Valentine's Day...

For those of you who know me, you know that I love my husband, kids, family and friends more than anything in this world. But since you already know that I thought I would share some of my other "loves" in life that maybe you don't no particular order... :-)

I love...
*That my son randomly tells me he loves me about 50x a day.
*Bubble baths.
*That my nephews think my house is SO fun.
*When you get so deep into a season that you can go to the closet and pick out something to wear without checking the weather.
*Spontaneously making a batch of cookies in the middle of the day.
*What I've learned from my mistakes.
*Laughing so hard that your face turns all distorted looking and your belly hurts and cheeks are sore.
*Conviction because it means the Holy Spirit is working in me.
*Buying school supplies.
*Old tattered looking Bibles with crinkled looking pages from heavy usage.
*How my neice, Zeda, says my name.
*Playing games even though I never win!
*The story of me & Matt.
*A cup of hot, sweet coffee around 2 in the afternoon after the kids lay down for a nap.
*When it's a little cold outside but very sunny so your car is nice and warm before you even start it.
*Organizing things.
*My kid's Birthdays.
*That my husband and I can have fun anywhere doing anything.
*That my baby girl loves me more than anyone...for now. :-)
*Really hot coffee...wait didn't I already mention coffee?

I love my life...I mean seriously, LOVE my life!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Treat From My Sweet!

Thank you Grandma Peggie for taking the kiddos off momma's hands for awhile to make Valentine treats. And thanks to Jeremiah for making this special cupcake, just for mommy. :-). He was so proud of these cupcakes piled high with frosting and sprinkles. I love my Valentine!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Coffee Conundrum...

This "little" obsession I have with coffee - my keurig specifically - is getting out of control. If you don't know what a k-cup or and keurig is, you are really missing out! I figured up how many k-cups I use in a week and my best guess would be the MINIMUM of 11. However, in the past few snow days and Matt working from home due to snow, I'd say the k-cup total has probably doubled. Don't get me wrong I love my k-cups. My real hang up with this whole thing is the amount of trash I am creating. Anyone got any suggestions on what to do with used k-cups? I want k-cups but I want to be "green" too!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sunshine to Snow Shovels

It's hard to believe that last Saturday at this time we took a family bike ride on the Frisco Trail and none of us wore coats! Look what I'm doing this Saturday! And yes, my slave-driver husband is taking my picture from INSIDE the house! Haha - don't judge him. I begged him to let me do it; I needed the exercise after being cooped up for so long. :-)

Happy Winter everyone!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not 1, Not 2, But 3! Yes, 3 Snow Days!!!

I can't believe the amount of snow that landed on Tuesday. Nor can I believe how tall the snow drifts are! But most of all I can't believe we got THREE days at home as a family! Matt has been working very diligently at home due to the rough roads. However, we have definitely taken advantage of some extra family time! Check out our Snow DayS activities!

Jeremiah is SUPER excited about all of this snow!
It's Sister's first MAJOR snow! She hardly knows it's so exciting!

Jeremiah and Daddy attempt to shovel the driveway. It's up to Jey's waist!

We don't own a sled...I know...we need one with hills like we've got. So Jey and Daddy have a bright idea to "sled" on his trike. He rides down the "tunnel" to be thrown off the bike after hitting the 4 foot snow pile at the end of the driveway. Who's idea was this anyway?

Sister wanted a chance to play in the snow! We brought the snow inside for her. Her and Jey drive over snowy mountains with Big Brother's monster trucks.

We needed a quiet activity during Sister's nap time and Daddy needed a snack (hard day at the "office" you know); so we made Cake Mix Cookies!
You will need:
1 box of cake mix (any flavor)
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil
Mix all ingredient together. Spoon out on a greased cookie sheet. Bake on 350 for 10-12 minutes. And enjoy! Or ice with your favorite icing, then enjoy!

What Snow DayS Vacation would be complete without Snow Ice Cream! Thanks, Becca (my Sister) for the great recipe!

Tomorrow is back to reality! It's been fun and a week I will never forget!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution? What New Year's Resolutions?

If you remember in a post I wrote at the beginning of the year, I made a list of 30 things to accomplish this year to represent the 30 years I've been alive. I call this list my New Year's Goals (no resolutions made here!) and to make sure I stay on task, I have written on my calendar on the 1st of every month to check my goals. Well, it's February 1st and I'm sad to say that I can't quite check any of them off the list just yet. Granted some of them I can't do right now because it's not the right time of year for that, for instance, taking my oldest nephew on the Moonlight Bike ride that benefits the Discovery Center - it's not until August. There are a few things, however that I am in the process of researching before doing so I haven't totally wasted the past month! So why am I telling you that so far I'm failing my New Year's Goals? To keep myself accountable, that's why!
How are you doing with your resolutions?

***One of my goals is to blog's been awhile so clearly that needs to improve...hopefully you will be hearing from me again real soon!