Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Green...What Does That Even Mean?

We have all received messages about "going green" - it's in the news, plastered all over products at the grocery store, and you can even get rebates for making eco-friendly upgrades to your home and vehicles. If you are like me and have good intentions but don't really know where to start then let's work together and see if we can figure out what this "going green" business really is.

According to Wikipedia, "going green" refers to procedures and/or products that are considered to inflict minimal or no harm on the environment. "Going green" helps promote sustainability, reduces usage of resources, and reuses items to decrease manufacturing. Okay, I get all of that but what can I do to help the environment?

Now, I don't consider myself a "tree hugger" or an extreme environmentalist but I do want to do SOMETHING. About a year ago I started recycling paper, plastic, glass, and tin. I always wanted to start recycling because I always felt super guilty when throwing paper away especially...not sure why I had issues with just paper? Anyway, my sister mentioned that she had started recycling and because she inspires me and motivates me and may not even know it, I too, started my first batch of recycled goods. It is so liberating going to the recycling center!

I do have goals for "going green" and what you will learn about me really quick is that I have BIG ideas and good intentions but need a little motivation and accountability. :-) That is where you come in...if I tell someone else of my plans I am more likely to stick to it. Now while I probably won't be putting windmills in my yard for wind energy there are a few small things each of us can do to "go green".

My "green" goals include:
Reduce the amount of water used
Create a compost
Decrease food waste - being creative with food - now I can do that!
Making my own cleaning supplies

I'll keep you posted on my progress! What are ways you live "green"? Small steps or big ones let's hear them!


  1. I read an article yesterday about the first "affordable" and portable hydrogen fuel cell. It's pretty cool. The cell itself looks about the size of a C Battery (maybe 50% longer). And the recharging base station just takes some water to make the hydrogen and is solar powered. The unit has a USB connector on it so you can recharge or power USB connect-able things (like cell phones) with the cell. It said that over the life of the rechargeable cell it will put out the power of 1000 AA's (the power of about 3 or 4 AA's per recharge). The cell was like $30, but didn't say how much the charging station was.

  2. I love your blog! I'm considering starting a second one that is more of a journal. The creative one is part business, part outlet, but I'd like to have one to remember the day to day things. Like you said, it goes so fast! answer your question, here are things I already try to do: 1)recycle (it's easy here; they pick it up with the trash); 2) use reusable shopping bags; 3) use cfl lightbulbs.
    Things I'd like to do: 1)begin a composte pile; 2) waste less food (cleaning out the fridge always makes me sick with guilt); 3)unplug our electronics when we aren't using them.
    Now that I've gotten those goals out there, maybe I will feel more compelled to actually do something about them!
    Happy blogging, Sarah! I can't wait to read more. :)Jessica